How it Works
One Order meals manually each week or create a custom
recurring meal plan with our experts. Or simply come
to our grab and go locations. No need to preorder.
Two Select home or office delivery, or you
can pick-up your meals at our locations.
Three Receive your delicious meals. No hassle!
Heat and eat and enjoy!
Meal Plans To Meet Your Needs

We offer fresh, never frozen, meals, ready to heat and eat! ALL of our meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, have no added sugar, and we accommodate all diets including paleo and vegan! Our entire menu is also approved by our board-certified clinical nutritionist and leading wellness expert, Rene St. Laurent! We offer no-commitment ordering... which means you can try us for a week and decide to order again or not!


Since beginning my journey at PlanIt Eats 8 weeks ago, I have lost 30lbs. Mike and his team do a wonderful job of customizing a meal plan, cooking the food, and having it ready to eat. I feel great, look good, and am sleeping better as well. Definitely recommend PlanIt Eats to anyone trying to better their lifestyle.

Eddie V.

I had started when I had a lot of lower back pain. I was going to a chiropractor all last year and could not get rid of the pain. Once I started working on my core and losing a little weight, I haven't had pain at all. I don't want to go back to that, so I'm keeping it up. I've lost 13lbs. I've changed sizes. I feel better, stronger. It's really helped me tremendously. It's put me back on a healthier track.

Rita S.

I'm completely OBSESSED with this service... Just completed my first week and I'm ordering again tonight for next week...I also have a ton of friends now trying them out! I have an insanely busy work week owning a business so this has helped me tremendously and it tastes so good and is very filling!!!!! GO ORDER!!!!