We make eating healthy and reaching your health and fitness goals easy.

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Every meal has been created and prepared by a former restaurant chef.

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We offer personal training, yoga, chiropractic and massage in our wellness center, Thrive Wellness!

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About our amazing meals...

Clean Eats Delivery offers fresh, never 
frozen, meals, 
ready to 
heat and eat!
ALL of our meals are 
gluten-free, dairy-free, have no added sugar
we accommodate all diets including paleo and vegan! We cook on Sundays and deliver on Monday, or if you're local, you can pick them up!

We offer no-commitment ordering... which means you can try us for a week and decide to order again or not! You can choose to order manually each week, or hop on a recurrring program.

Or call 1-855-5MY-MEAL

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Clean Eats Delivery FRESH never frozen MEALS

Customer Reviews #18 Seasonal Berry Salad with Grilled Chicken
Price per order: $10.00
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Seasonal Berries, Walnuts, Almonds and Grilled Chicken Breast over a bed of Fresh Baby Spinach with a side of our house Olive Oil Vinaigrette

Calories: 575.1 Carbs: 20.5g Protein: 44.0g Fat: 38.9g
Cooler Rotation Program Metabolic Test
Price per order: $25.00 If you have already purchased this program once, please note it at checkout to avoid extra fees.
Price $100.00
The Cooler Rotation Program is our convenient solution to the question "Do I have to be home at the the time of delivery?" Now the answer is NO. For a 1 time fee, of $25, each time you order, we will provide you with an insulated shipping container and enough reusable ice packs, to keep your food fresh until you return home. All we ask is that you tell us where to leave the package and that each week you leave the container and the ice packs, outside in the same location. That way our delivery driver can swap it out each week. Remember, this is a 1 time fee! Once you purchase this service, you should not need to purchase it again!
The Metabolic Test allows us to determine how your body burns calories in a resting state. Then from there you answer some questions about your exercise habits and health/fitness related goals. At the end of the test you will know how many calories you normally burn, how many calories you need to consume to maintain your current situation and how many you need consume to achieve your goals, whether your goal be to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight.
#24 Honey Glazed Salmon
Price per order: $12.00
Honey Glazed Salmon served with Steamed Asparagus and our New Mashed Cauliflower.

Calories: 335kcal Protein: 41g Carbs: 27g Fat: 11g