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Structural Balance Assessment
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Metabolic Test Metabolic Test

The Metabolic Test allows us to determine how your body burns calories in a resting state. Then from there you answer some questions about your exercise habits and health/fitness related goals. At the end of the test you will know how many calories you normally burn, how many calories you need to consume to maintain your current situation and how many you need consume to achieve your goals, whether your goal be to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight.

Price $100.00
Dr. Todd Dersham Structural Balance Assesment

This Assessment, facilitated by Dr. Todd Dersham, will help us determine if you are suffering from any functional and or structural imbalances.  The knowledge gained through this assessment will allow us to develop an Exercise Program tailored to strengthen your body's weaker relative movements.  In turn, Increasing Your Structural Balance, Reducing Risk of Injury and Keeping Your Body in a Better Overall State of Wellness.

: $199.00