Grand opening!!
Our new retail location. Located at 77 State Road, Dartmouth
Meals available to grab and go. At this location there is no need to preorder. Simply come by for some delicious, nutritious meals!

Need to get back on track? Want to start eating healthier? Lose weight? Tone? If you're tired of feeling sluggish, eating poorly, sleeping poorly, spending money on takeout, going to the gym and not seeing results - our meals can help!


We Offer Convenient, Easy, Delicious Healthy Meals... With Results!

We know the hardest part is starting... and finding the time! With Clean Eats Delivery, there's no need to think about shopping, cooking, or meal prepping! We do the work for you! We also make healthy eating taste amazing! Our meals are deliciously created and prepared by a former restaurant chef! Our customers lose weight, gain muscle, tone and trim! We can test your metabolism to determine your daily caloric needs. We even have an 8-week weight loss program!

How it Works


Order meals a la carte manually each week or create a custom recurring meal plan with our experts.


Select home or office delivery, or you can pick-up your meals at our location (always on Mondays!)


Receive your delicious meals.
No hassle!
Heat and eat and enjoy!


Clean Eats Delivery offers fresh, never frozen, meals, ready to heat and eat!
ALL of our meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, have no added sugar, and we accommodate all diets including paleo and vegan!
Our entire menu is also approved by our board-certified clinical nutritionist and leading wellness expert, Rene St. Laurent!
We offer no-commitment ordering... which means you can try us for a week and decide to order again or not!

Chicken, Steak, Pork, Turkey, Cod, Salmon, Shrimp, Tempeh, Vegan, Paleo, Low-Carb, No-Carb!


Customer Testimonials

Since beginning my journey at Clean Eats Delivery 8 weeks ago, I have lost 30lbs. Mike and his team do a wonderful job of customizing a meal plan, cooking the food, and having it ready to eat. I feel great, look good, and am sleeping better as well. Definitely recommend Clean Eats to anyone trying to better their lifestyle.

Eddie V.

I had started when I had a lot of lower back pain. I was going to a chiropractor all last year and could not get rid of the pain. Once I started working on my core and losing a little weight, I haven't had pain at all. I don't want to go back to that, so I'm keeping it up. I've lost 13lbs. I've changed sizes. I feel better, stronger. It's really helped me tremendously. It's put me back on a healthier track.

Rita S.

I'm completely OBSESSED with this service... Just completed my first week and I'm ordering again tonight for next week...I also have a ton of friends now trying them out! I have an insanely busy work week owning a business so this has helped me tremendously and it tastes so good and is very filling!!!!! GO ORDER!!!!


Plus! Get this...!

If you're serious about seeing results, we're here to support you.
We offer personal training, yoga, chiropractic and massage in our wellness center, Thrive Wellness! Our commitment goes beyond just helping you eat better. We want you to thrive, not just survive! Not only can we help you see results, we are THE choice for those living in the SouthCoast. We offer the lowest training rates, plus we are the ONLY center that offers direct access to meals on your nutrition plan! Say goodbye to the 'work' of grocery shopping and meal prep for good! Say hello to results and a stronger you!