Thrive Wellness Center
Everything you need for total body health, and results, all under one roof

If you're looking for a fresh start, accountability, and real results, Thrive Wellness is here to help!

We help clients to incorporate fitness and exercise into their lives. Every single day, we see people improve their health, and as a result, improve their lives! We want to do this for you too!

We can help you get a fresh start, find a plan that you can follow, that's convenient and affordable, and keep you accountable to your goals! Whether you need a fresh start, are recovering from injury, or are looking to lose serious weight, we have a program for you!

Thrive Wellness is not just another gym. We don’t just offer training or a place to workout. Launched by PlanIt Eats, Thrive Wellness is a revolutionary movement in changing people’s lives through better health.

We combine fitness and exercise, with proper nutrition, and science. That’s right - science! Results come from truly understanding your body and your unique needs. We work with clients to learn their metabolic rate, assess their body’s unique responses and needs, and create a plan to reach their individual goals and needs. We never offer a one-size-fits-all approach… We give each client a plan that WORKS!

We offer direct access to meals! Optional In fact, we are the ONLY personal training facility to include meals for pick-up on site! From our already established business as PlanIt Eats, we take the “guessing” and the “work” out of your meal plan - no need to shop, cook, or prep! We provide customized meals that perfectly cater to your training, plan, and goals. (Our meals are seriously clean - high protein and high fiber, low-fat, low-sugar, gluten-free, dairy-free, and cater to paleo-friendly and vegan-friendly consumers…. and they are DELICIOUS!)

We also guarantee results at the BEST prices around! We make health and fitness affordable so that anyone can take the steps to change their life! Specializing in beginner, overweight, coming out of rehab, training-specific to injuries


  • Comprehensive nutrition consultation and physical fitness assessment

  • Metabolic testing to “know your number” and help you reach a target weight on an exact date! (extra cost, optional)

  • Goal setting and a plan customized to your needs

  • Full one-hour training sessions 3x per week with your own trainer

  • Progress re-tests every 4 weeks

  • Healthy shopping lists, nutrition guide, and a meal tracker tool

  • One free yoga class per month, plus unlimited access at just $10 per class!

  • Delicious meals!!! customized to your plan, for pick-up weekly (optional)

  • Guaranteed results!


Training only:

Train 3x/week - $125 monthly

Train unlimited sessions per week - $250 monthly

This includes full access to our entire facility, plus the perks listed above!

Single, one-hour sessions are also available for $45 per session

Training plus meals:

Train 3x/week with 5 meals per week: $325 monthly

Train 3x/week with 10 meals per week: $525 monthly

Can’t decide? Call us for a free consultation! We’ll help you make the best decision for you! 855-5MY-MEAL

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Call us today! Let us help you to THRIVE not just survive... Create your own success story!